What is a Photo Booth?

Unlike other photo booth services, we don't just drop off a booth at your event and let you fend for yourself. All our booths will be set-up by a photographer who will be present from beginning to end.  Our booth is ideal for events with a smaller budget, events with restricted space or for the camera shy!  Fully enclosed means more privacy for you and your guests to be able to let loose and have fun.

We can also customize your backdrop with a personalized logo that we will design for you and at the end of the night you take the backdrop with you. Just about everything can be customized; photo strip with your logo, photo strip templates 2x6, 4x6 and more,  multiple prints available, all images with password protection on our website, a disk with all digital images, scrapbook with images and themed props.  We have it all!

Source: www.flipandphotos.com