Slow Motion Video Booth

the Next Big Thing

Photo booths are definitely a popular choice for events and have been for a long time. The world of photo booths is constantly evolving with the time, in a race to create the next unique and incredible experience. These innovations have turned an already fun addition to the party into something even more amazing. One of these incredible innovations are the slow motion video booth, which is the next big thing in the world of photo booths. There is a reason that these are becoming to be an increasingly popular choice because of just how unique and fun these booths are.

A slow motion video booth is exactly what it sounds like: it films videos in slow motion at a rate of up to 240 frames per second.  Everything really just seems even more hilarious in slow motion, which is just one of the many reasons that this booth option is exactly what you need at your next corporate or social event. Take a traditional photo booth. With one of these options, you get an individual or a group of people together in a booth with some props to take a memorable series of photos that they will split between the and keep forever. The flaw here is that photos can get lost or destroyed. You will not have this problem with a slow motion video booth.

Everyone today seems to really love their social media accounts. With a slow motion video booth, you can take incredible slow motion videos that you can share directly on your social media accounts. Photos may be lost but the internet is forever. The hosts of the event are also able to see a recap of the videos that were taken so that they can share it on their social media accounts. These booths typically have one person that is filming the video and another that hands out props and offers great ideas for the group to do. The unpredictability of these video booths only add onto the hilarity that can actually happen in these booths. There can typically be up to 14 people in these booths, offering for more flexibility than you can find in other options as well. These videos are generally shot in 1080p HD video, giving you quality videos as well as videos that are hilarious.

Slow motion video booths are really the next big thing in photo booths. They are highly customizable, making them great options for every type of event. Whether you have a wedding or a corporate event, the slow motion video booth is definitely an affordable option that you should definitely consider. They offer all of the same benefits that you can find in a photo booth but these booths manage to offer them in the most fun way possible. People may remember the photo booth but they will definitely remember a slow motion video booth. The fact that these videos can be instantly shared on social media makes them cool enough, but imagine just how much fun you can have in one of these booths.

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