10 Holiday Party Planning Tips

Don't stress about you Holiday Party.  Be prepared and Enjoy yourself with these helpful tips.

By FlipAndPhotos

1. Start Planning Now

The sooner you start, the better prepared you will be.  Creating checklists helps and will help you keep track of all your arrangements.  If you plan on making reservations, hiring caterers, or reserving a Flip and Photos Photo Booth or Flip Book Booth you will want to make sure you do it with time to spare.  The holiday season is "busy time" for the service industry so you will want to make sure you don't wait too long and get left out in the cold.

2. Decorations

If your holiday party consists of a small gathering in your home or a huge corporate function at a local hotel, you will want to make sure your decorations bring on the cheer.  Create a warm and welcoming feeling with Christmas lights and a fire.  If you are on a small budget a simple Christmas tree will do, but if you have money to splurge, check out this link:  101 Fresh Christmas Decorating Ideas

3. Send Invitations

An invitation serves several purposes.  It informs, reminds and reassures your family and friends.  People who receive and actual paper invitations are less likely to forget about the party.  A "formal" invitation unlike a Facebook message will give your guests that Merry feeling and they are more likely to commit and attend. 

4. Think of Everyone

This includes infants, children and the elderly.  What about your vegan cousin or your lactose intolerant grandmother.  Yes, even your drunk uncle who always manages to spill his drink on your silky white couch.  It is Christmas time after all. 

5. Invite 10, Expect 20

I cannot think back on a holiday party in which someone took the liberty to invite their lonely neighbor or their whole family who just happened to be in town.  That is totally fine!  Besides, you expected it.   Make everyone feel welcomed and enjoy the night.

6. Ask for Help

Some people feel the need to be involved and don't really enjoy just watching.  Make them feel special by letting them take part in decorating, cooking and even cleaning.  You will need the help and they are willing so don't be a control freak.

7. Keep Cleaning Simple

If possible, use disposable.  I highly recommend it for parties of 10 or more.  Who has 10 matching plates, cups, and glasses anyway?  Not to mention, do you want to do all the dishes?....ummm NO!

8. Don't Forget the True Meaning of Christmas

Let's not forget why we have gathered.  

9. Get the Party Started Early

I can't think of a better feeling than waking up on Christmas Eve knowing that soon I will be surrounded by loved ones.  Open your doors to your guests early.  Let them come if they want to come watch the games, listen to Christmas music and help in the kitchen.  Also, consider that they may have been invited to other parties and/or need to go to their in-laws.  Some may need to show up late or early.

10. Enjoy Yourself

Christmas music, obviously.  Christmas movies, Ugly Sweater Contest, Mistletoe and a Flip and Photos Photo Booth or Flip Book Booth should do the trick!  Call us NOW!  Space is limited.   702-502-4186